MMT Verify: is there pressure on the Russian Economy?

We’ve had mostly floating exchange rates for fifty years. You’d think by now people would report using the correct currency

14 Aug 2023 15:45 +0100 · 2 min · NeilW

MMT Verify: How We Can Staff the NHS Without Tax Rises

Spending only happens if there was something to buy. If that spending is then deficit spending it has a lower inflationary impact than spending that is tax-matched.

25 Jul 2023 10:40 +0100 · 8 min · NeilW

MMT Verify: Will Investors Shun Government Debt?

There is no risk that interest rates on UK government debt will reach crippling levels. Interest rates are policy variables. Paying interest is a political choice. Betteridge’s law of headlines applies.

16 Jul 2023 08:39 +0100 · 3 min · NeilW