UK Employment Stats

The number of people in the UK without work that want it

13 Feb 2024 12:47 +0000 · 1 min · NeilW

UK Sectoral Balances

Sectoral Financial Balances for the UK as a % of GDP, smoothed over a year

5 Jan 2024 08:55 +0000 · 1 min · NeilW

MMT Verify: Will Investors Shun Government Debt?

There is no risk that interest rates on UK government debt will reach crippling levels. Interest rates are policy variables. Paying interest is a political choice. Betteridge’s law of headlines applies.

16 Jul 2023 08:39 +0100 · 3 min · NeilW

Whole of Government Accounts: some juicy quotes

Once intra-government transactions are eliminated, QE represents an exchange of gilts (liabilities of the National Loans Fund) for central bank reserves (liabilities of the Bank of England)

28 Oct 2022 08:24 +0100 · 3 min · NeilW

The UK Energy Crisis: an MMT Analysis

Listening to politicians talk about the UK energy crisis is like watching bald men fighting over a comb. None of them get to the root cause - a shortage of natural gas. When you take an MMT view, that’s where you start.

18 Aug 2022 07:33 +0100 · 7 min · NeilW

The UK Job Guarantee — how it gets paid

Why the UK tax and benefits infrastructure is ready to implement a full Job Guarantee for all.

30 Aug 2020 15:09 +0100 · 3 min · NeilW