How Russian Gas Is Paid For

How the new payment process for gas in Russia will work, including how it is settled at the Moscow Exchange, all of which leads to some interesting observations

4 Apr 2022 08:54 +0100 · 8 min · NeilW

Rouble Rumble Continues

Journalists really should take some time to learn how correspondent banking works

31 Mar 2022 19:02 +0100 · 2 min · NeilW

Rouble Gas Payments are probably a False Flag

In all international transactions they consumer pays with the currency they have and the producer gets the currency they want to hold. So why the big fuss over Russia’s requirement to receive Roubles?

28 Mar 2022 22:10 +0100 · 4 min · NeilW

A Tale of Two Nations

How two nations trade to the benefit of all — allegedly

19 Mar 2022 05:55 +0000 · 5 min · NeilW

The Russian Fiscal Toketa

Russia has easily countered the attempts at financial sanctions, resulting in some interesting outcomes that further confirm the view taken by Modern Monetary Theory

7 Mar 2022 21:17 +0000 · 3 min · NeilW

The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Sanctions on Russia

Electronic impulses on computers only stop tanks in Call of Duty. War is not a game, and stopping it will require rather more than attempts at financial alchemy

28 Feb 2022 08:14 +0000 · 11 min · NeilW

The Job Guarantee - More Money, Less Tax

A Job Guarantee is a straightforward concept. It is the government’s offer of a job to everyone who wants one, at the living wage, working for the public good.

16 Jan 2022 10:17 +0000 · 6 min · NeilW

How the Government's Super-Platinum Credit Card Works

A government can get the best credit card deal in the world. Here’s how it works and how they could use it.

16 Jan 2022 07:07 +0000 · 5 min · NeilW

The Art of the Impossible

Let’s do a couple of impossible things with the UK monetary system. All without requiring a single change to the legislation

13 Jan 2022 06:27 +0000 · 5 min · NeilW

The Interest/Price Spiral

Raising interest rates in an attempt to control inflation is a myth that could, instead, lead to a price spiral

28 Dec 2021 12:32 +0000 · 5 min · NeilW