The Job Guarantee - More Money, Less Tax

A Job Guarantee is a straightforward concept. It is the government’s offer of a job to everyone who wants one, at the living wage, working for the public good.

16 Jan 2022 10:17 +0000 · 6 min · NeilW

The Basic Income Illusion

Basic income is a monetary illusion. Here’s how the trick is done and why it always fails.

20 Jul 2021 08:23 +0100 · 9 min · NeilW

How the Job Guarantee (JG) Controls Inflation

The MMT analysis shows that inflation is controlled by a buffer stock. That can either be an buffer stock of unemployed people, or a buffer stock of employed people. Here we explain why an employed buffer stock, the Job Guarantee, is superior.

30 Jul 2020 16:02 +0100 · 3 min · NeilW

From Furlough to Full Employment: Part Deux

Overview of a UK Job Guarantee

14 Jul 2020 08:26 +0100 · 2 min · NeilW

From Furlough to Full Employment

Overview of a UK Job Guarantee

10 Jul 2020 08:41 +0100 · 1 min · NeilW