Why the Russian Oil Price Cap Won't Work

The 2020s appear to be a never-ending parade of global groupthink. The Russian Oil Price Cap is yet another stupid and self-destructive idea that should have been suffocated at birth. It cannot possibly achieve what its supporters claim, and it represents emotional value signalling from the Big Hug Club rather than any semblance of rational thought.

6 Dec 2022 05:45 +0000 · 6 min · NeilW

How Russian Gas Is Paid For

How the new payment process for gas in Russia will work, including how it is settled at the Moscow Exchange, all of which leads to some interesting observations

4 Apr 2022 08:54 +0100 · 8 min · NeilW

The Russian Fiscal Toketa

Russia has easily countered the attempts at financial sanctions, resulting in some interesting outcomes that further confirm the view taken by Modern Monetary Theory

7 Mar 2022 21:17 +0000 · 3 min · NeilW

The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Sanctions on Russia

Electronic impulses on computers only stop tanks in Call of Duty. War is not a game, and stopping it will require rather more than attempts at financial alchemy

28 Feb 2022 08:14 +0000 · 11 min · NeilW

UK Borrowed Foreign Currency from the IMF in 1976

The much vaunted IMF crisis in the UK was because the government violated an MMT golden rule: government must not borrow in a foreign currency

29 Jan 2021 09:50 +0000 · 2 min · NeilW

Anatomy of an FX Transaction

How exactly does an FX transaction works in a floating currency rate environment? Read on to find out

27 Dec 2020 07:26 +0000 · 5 min · NeilW

It's the Exporters Stupid

Running an external surplus requires exporters to export. The right to export more than you import has a price. What does that mean on the other side of the trade?

25 Nov 2020 04:07 +0000 · 4 min · NeilW

Savings Are an Export Product

Things make a lot more sense when you realise other currency areas love your savings products — a lot

5 May 2017 21:11 +0100 · 6 min · NeilW