Sunak is frustrating. We could move from Furlough to Full Employment tomorrow and solve the whole problem in one shot.

PAYE needs to capture the bank account details of the employed - along with the hours worked on that PAYE scheme. That is then associated with an NI number and checked to make sure the addresses are UK based and tie up.

We then top people up at the living wage up to 35 hours per week if they have an NI number that has been paid elsewhere in the last year, but are not currently receiving sufficient money. Essentially we create a default PAYE scheme everybody is enrolled upon paid directly from the Ways and Means Account at the Bank of England.

If the self-employed want to be part of the scheme they need to run their drawing through PAYE. Giving them that options allows us to phase out and get rid of class 2 and class 4.

Then anybody who is on the default PAYE scheme is added to the famous “volunteer list” as labour for government to use as it sees fit.

A reserve army of workers. And the Universal Credit Work Coaches can be tasked with finding them all something to do for their money.